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Silver-silicone thermal conductive paste Heat-dissipating silicone grease Silicone heat dissipation paste Radiator sludge 1pcs

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Function of thermal conductive silicone grease:
Between heat dissipation and heat conduction, even the two surfaces with very smooth surfaces will have gaps when contacting each other. The air in these gaps is a poor conductor of heat, which will hinder the heat transfer to the heat sink. Thermal conductive silicone grease is a kind of material that can fill these voids and make heat conduction more smooth and rapid.

1. How to apply silicone grease?
Silicone grease is applied to the surface of CPU/GPU and other heat sources. It is very simple to apply silicone grease, which can be assisted by a scraper.
1. Don't be too thick, just a thin layer. Too thick coating will affect heat conduction.
2. Apply evenly without spillage.

2 How often do I change silicone grease
The silicone grease will dry out after a long time of use, and the thermal conductivity will decline, so the heat from the heat source cannot be transferred to the radiator in time, resulting in the temperature rise. The silicone grease will be replaced according to the situation about half a year, so that the heat dissipation performance of the radiator can be more effectively played after replacement.

3. A customer said why the temperature of silicone grease does not change
The role of silicone grease is to fill the gap between the radiator and the heat source, and play a role in heat conduction. The temperature of silicone grease coated and not coated will vary greatly. The heat dissipation effect of the best radiator without silicone grease will be greatly reduced.
If the temperature does not improve after replacing the silicone grease, there are several possibilities
1. There may be no balance between the radiator and the heat source.
2. The original silicone grease is not invalid and does not need to be replaced.
3. Better radiator needs to be replaced

4. Why there is a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the silicone grease after it has been stored for a long time
Because the proportion of heat transfer raw material is larger than that of silicone oil, the heat transfer raw material is precipitated downward by gravity after being placed for a period of time. This phenomenon is normal, and can be used as usual after mixing evenly!

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