Plastic gear grease fan bearing grease synthetic lubricant mechanical system lubrication

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Weight: 25-30 grams

The product is a synthetic grease produced for the lubrication of gears and sliding parts of optical drives, CPU cooling fans, VCD, DVD, camcorders, office equipment (such as fax machines, printers), toys, etc., which can be used for noise reduction and anti-wear And for shock absorption, it is suitable for between plastics and between plastics and metals. The operating temperature range is -40℃-150℃.

Performance characteristics:
1. Good compatibility with various plastic and rubber materials;
2. White sanitary, no pollution, no stimulation;
3. Good adhesion, not easy to fly off, excellent carrying capacity and water resistance;
4. Low torque at low temperature, no diffusion at high temperature, good thermal stability and oxidation stability;
5. Contains a large amount of white solid lubricant, low friction coefficient, can effectively reduce noise;
6. Long service life.

●Suitable for the lubrication of various printers, DVD players, toys, precision instruments, bearings and other mechanical systems
●Suitable for lubrication and noise reduction of gearboxes of various toys, aviation models, electric toothbrushes, etc.
●Suitable for lubrication of pinion gears and motion components in textiles, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, tape recorders, audio-visual equipment
●Suitable for lubrication of gears, sleeves, switches, and sliding guides of office equipment (such as photocopiers, fax machines, paper shredders, etc.).

◆Suitable for lubrication and protection of plastic gears, plastic moving parts, rubber O-rings and bearings
◆It is often used for lubrication and protection of plastic and plastic, metal and plastic, and metal and rubber joint surfaces that require low friction coefficient
◆Suitable for the lubrication, protection and noise reduction of plastic gears, plastic moving parts, nylon cage bearings under various light load or high speed conditions
◆Suitable for lubrication, protection and noise reduction in food machinery, office equipment, car maintenance, door control locks, precision instruments, equipment, fitness equipment, fishing gear and entertainment equipment
◆Suitable for the lubrication and protection of plastic gears and sliding bearings of office equipment, electric toys, household appliances, precision instruments, micro motors, timers, tape recorders, optical disc players, digital cameras, etc. that require white
◆Suitable for working occasions that need to effectively reduce the starting torque when starting at low temperatures, such as electronic clocks, cameras, optical instruments, conveyors, refrigerator air dispersion bearings, mobile refrigeration equipment and servo gear lubrication.

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